Our FIRST experience in swinging was back in July 2006 when we took a trip to London. We met this couple on AFF and corresponded several times. Mrs. Pink found them. It was also their first time. We met them at a bar that evening and had a lot of nervous chit chat. They were both very fit and perfect for our first time. We visited a nightclub and a strip club that evening and eventually headed back to their home. Here is a pic they sent to us before we met.

We all decided to do a soft swap since it was our first time and we wanted to take it slow. It was a blur that night but I ended up fingering and making out with the female half, while Mrs. Pink went down on the male half. Both couples eventually finished having sex with their respective partner. It was a hot night and exposed our appetite to want more! I didn’t get a chance to take photos until they both started giving the male half a lucky 2on1 BJ. I wish I took more photos of our first swinging experience.