Hi everyone. I finally got Mrs. Pink to allow me to post photos of her kitty but the compromise was that it would be in black and white. She likes to keep the site elegant and sexy. I was so excited. I want to share with everyone what her tight wet hole looks like. The first picture was taken before we got into the swinging scene. It was taken about 4 years ago.

The following photo was taken this summer. As you all know, by this point her pussy had been used by others besides me including strapons from other females. So far most of the guys who have sex with her tight hole have been medium size cocks. Mrs. Pink has mentioned to me that she’d want to try something larger so I hope to setup her up with something a lot “larger.” I hope her tight hole can take it deep and wide.

I’ll try to get a good shot of her pussy after a bang when it just made a guy cum. Would love for you to see her all wet and swollen. Even better with a creampie… but we play safe so that wouldn’t be done anytime soon… but who knows.